Repose Yoga Cork and natural rubber 2mm travel mat

Repose Yoga Cork and natural rubber 2mm travel mat

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<b>Practicing Yoga On A Slippery / Uncomfortable Yoga Mat Is Hard! Get Our Ultimate Eco-friendly Yoga Mat Which Is Designed For Better Balance, Support & Comfort!</b> <br><br><b>What Makes Us The BEST YOGA MAT On The Market?</b> <br><br><b>Comfortable For All</b> <br>At 72" x 24" x 2 mm thick and weighing around 3 lbs, the Repose yoga mat is comfortable enough for people of all shapes and sizes. The 2mm thick yoga mat cushions hips, knees, spine, and elbows! <br><br><b>Amazing Grip</b> <br>Our cork & rubber mat offers amazing grip during hot yoga. Instead of sliding or slipping, the more you sweat, the better your grip becomes! This is NOT possible with plastic yoga mats, which would need a towel to continue practicing! <br><br><b>Built With Eco-Friendly Materials</b> <br>We used responsibly sourced cork and 100% natural rubber, which is sustainable. Since no trees are cut down in this process, buying the premium Repose yoga mat is choosing to be environmentally responsible. <br><br><b>Hygienic</b> <br>Our naturally antimicrobial cork mat inhibits the growth of germs, mildew, mold, and bacteria which thrive on other cheap foam yoga mats. It also adds an earthly cork scent to your yoga practice. <br><br><b>Non-Toxic</b> <br>Every day we learn about toxic chemicals found in our food, water, personal care, and homes. At Repose, we know that most conventional yoga mats are toxic so we created the perfect yoga mat without glues, PVC's, TPE's or other harmful chemicals. Be inspired to practice regularly knowing that your health is our highest priority! <br><br><b>Easy To Clean</b> <br>We recommend cleaning your mat once a week with light use and after each practice with heavy use, especially after hot yoga.


NON TOXIC MATS – Unlike other mats, Repose yoga mats do not contain glues, PVC’s, TPE’s or any harmful chemicals. We do this by using only responsibly sourced cork and natural rubber, which naturally eliminate bacteria and germs while repelling molds and mildew. Additionally, they are very easy to clean!


ECO-FRIENDLY & SUSTAINABLE – Production of these Eco-friendly yoga mats does not require cutting down cork/rubber trees. We use cork harvested by stripping down the bark of trees and 100% natural rubber. (No Recycled Rubber Tires Added like other brands.) Biodegradable and recyclable. No plastics used in production or packaging


NON SLIP SURFACES – The 2mm thick, natural cork and natural rubber padding offers you a smooth yet non-slip surface. Due to the variable nature of the cork material, slight dampening may be required. This natural rubber-bottomed mat lays flat without sliding around during your hot yoga sessions. No need for a towel when you use our mats.


PORTABLE– Weighing just above 3 lbs, Repose natural cork yoga mats can be conveniently transported to the studio or your vacation destination using the FREE yoga mat strap included! Now you have no excuses not to practice yoga at home, the beach or on the go!


SUITABLE FOR ALL YOGIS AND ATHLETES – Measuring 72” x 24” x 2 mm, our natural fitness yoga mat provides ample space for all types of exercises such as hot yoga, Bikram, aerobics, and pilates, and is thin enough to take anywhere. Repose cork mats make a perfect gift for both beginning and experienced yoga practitioners.